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Animated Bumpers

Over the past 6+ years I have created a variety of animated bumpers for our online courses. Here are some of my favorites.

RHM Bumper

This is an animated bumper I created and animated in After Effects for Resort and Hospitality Management to use at the beginning of their course videos.

ART Bumper

For our ART 100 courses, I created an animated bumper to use at the beginning of all their videos. This was designed completely by me using Illustrator and Photoshop, then animated using After Effects.  

PACE Bumper

I created this animated bumper for the "Professional and Continuing Education" department to use in the videos I filmed for them. 

OPWL Bumper

This is a custom bumper I created for the Organizational Performance & Workplace Learning department to use at the beginning of all their videos. It needed to be easily editable to change the title for each course, so I made it into an editable template using Premiere Pro.

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